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I got bored and did a Gender Outlaw mini photoshoot, and then wrote a letter to BVB and tweeted it to them.

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve had basically no creativity for this stuff, I’ve been designing shirts that nobody wants instead. By way of apology, have pictures of me binding and not binding!

Sara’s been found out, now she wants to find the end of a barrel and never see the light of day again


if she didn’t upload this I was going to

Ok so I run Eating Disorder Comics and it’s been a MASSIVE hit so I’m thinking to give this blog some life, I’m gonna try the same idea. I’m gonna need your help though. Could you make gender-related BitStrips comics and submit them? They can be about anything you want, I even have a random doctor character you can use if you want to do medically-oriented strips, just let me know and I’ll go on the account and add you :)

I’ll get started by uploading some me or my friends have made.


if you purposely misgender and reject the identities of trans* women when their gender expression doesn’t match what you think it should be but actively encourage cis women to express our gender however WE want you’re a real shitty “feminist”

call-out to my fellow cis women, this is not fucking okay

I’m not cis but THIS

Being told the problems I have with big boobs are my opinion, and I should be grateful to have them…